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Writing a summary

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What is a Summary?

  • A summary is much shorter than the original book. It should be written in your own words- in a very brief form.
  • It should give the main idea.
  • It should include the most important events and points of the book.



While Summarizing:

  • You can use a dictionary.
  • You can underline, highlight or circle the key sentences, phrases and words.
  • While you are reading the book, you can take some small notes.



In a summary:


Introduction Paragrah is the first paragraph of the summary. It is the beginning of the story.


Body Paragraph(s) can be more than one paragraph. It shows the events and the details of the story.


Conclusion Paragraph is the last paragraph and it is the end of the story.



When you write a summary, you can use:

First..., Second..., Third.... Firstly..., Secondly..., Thirdly...

First of all ..., Later..., Then..., After that..., Finally...

When..... But..., or ...

Because... So..., or ...

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